Surveys Help Advance Fisheries Seafood Maritime Initiative


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

A handful of surveys are being circulated throughout Alaska’s fishing and maritime community this month. Paula Cullenberg is the program leader for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program and said the surveys are part of a data gathering stage for a statewide initiative to create a workforce development plan for the fisheries, seafood and maritime industries.

Cullenberg said this Fisheries Seafood Maritime Initiative, or FSM, is being led by an industry advisory group made up of about 15 maritime representatives from all over Alaska and five state agencies — the Departments of Labor, Education, Commerce, Fish and Game and Transportation. The University of Alaska is also involved and helping facilitate the process. Cullenberg said the four surveys, which are all available online, represent four different aspects of Alaska’s maritime culture.

(Fish Survey 1 :26 “On is surveying commercial … fishermen it’s a big group.”)

Cullenberg said the survey will ask questions that will help better define what those jobs are.

(Fish Survey 2 :23 “And what are the hardest jobs … this workforce.”)

She said the information gathered will help the workforce develop ways to improve the industries.

(Fish Survey 3 :30 “Maybe the Department of … something like that.”)

Cullenberg said workforce development plans aren’t uncommon in Alaska. The state went through the same process for the health care industry, which led to more nursing programs and training opportunities. She said it’s also been done for the oil and gas industry, and the mining industry is currently working on one.

The goal is to have a workforce plan for the fishing, seafood and maritime industries available for public review by the end of the year. The four surveys are available online at Alaska dot edu slash F-S-M-I. The deadline to complete the survey is March 1st.


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