Assembly Introduces Landfill, Care Facility Ordinances


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
In one of its shorter meetings of the year, last night the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly moved along an ordinance that will amend the budget for both the landfill lateral expansion project and the long term care facility. Borough manager Bud Cassidy said the amendments fall under what’s called a budget adjustment ordinance.

— (Borough Meeting 1 :20 “And this is where you accept new … long term care.”)

Cassidy said each project has a received a significant amount of funding.

— (Borough Meeting 2 :33 “The borough received … to be used for that project.”)

The ordinance passed unanimously, but Assemblywoman Louise Stutes said this will not be so during the next reading.

— (Borough Meeting 3 :25 “I’m going to vote for this only to … forward tonight.”)

The assembly’s next vote on the matter will take place after a public hearing on the ordinance during the assembly’s next regular meeting on April 4.

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