City Concerned With Snow Removal on New Track


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

The city’s new track and field was only open for public use a few months before the first snowfall hit Kodiak. For some, the sheets of snow sent would be track users indoors to treadmills and stationary bikes until spring sunshine melts the lanes back into use. But in years past, a handful of locals have stuck out the winter by shoveling lanes and chipping ice to manually provide winter usage. However, this typically community-driven effort to keep the city’s track available year round may not fly with the new facility. During Thursday’s city council meeting, City Manager Aimee Kniazowski said the city is trying to be extra careful in protecting its very new and very large investment.

— (Track Snow 1 :19 “The city developed a policy of not removing … manner.”)

In years past, the main force behind the track clearing was the Kodiak High School Track and Field Team. Marcus Dunbar is the head coach of the program that has won many individual and team state titles in the last 16 years he’s led it. Dunbar spoke during Tuesday’s city council works session and said Alaska’s high school track season typically starts in March and runs through May. In order to ensure participants can train on the track and host meets, Dunbar said a lot of time is spent clearing lanes.

— (Track Snow 2 :26 “And this winter I’m told … to have that track clear.”)

Kniazowski said the material used to build the new track is different than the old one, and potentially more sensitive to shoveling and other forms of snow removal.

— (Track Snow 3 :35 “We just can’t simply used the old … construction.”)

Kniazowski said the city is scrambling to find a solution that will preserve its investment, but still allow the track team and community to use the facility. During Thursday’s meeting she said they were getting close to solving the problem, but did not say what ideas were on the table. In the meantime, the 2013 Kodiak High School track season starts today, and despite the recent rainfall, snow still lingers in the forecast.


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