Fields Re-Nominated to NPFMC by Governor


Mike Mason/KDLG
Late Friday afternoon Governor Parnell announced his choices to fill a pair of seats on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Among them was current member Duncan Fields of Kodiak, who is completing his second term on the Council.
Fields spoke about the Council process at the 2012 SWAMC conference in Anchorage.
“Council process is like watching an icicle grow," he said. "Or if you were a kid like me and they gave us beans like me and you put it in a little potted plant and the next day you went there and nothing happened, you went there for a week and nothing happened. And after a long time you got a little shoot. That’s the Council processes. There are reasons for that. But going in, expectations have to be that it’s a slow, deliberative process.”
The other council member whose term is expiring did not get re-nominated by the governor. He is Sam Cotton of Eagle River. In his place, Parnell nominated David Long of Wasilla. He is a commercial fisherman and is a licensed ship’s master.
Parnell also chose two alternate nominees: Stephanie Moreland and John Moller, both of whom are assistants in his office.
The names of all of the nominees have been sent to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, who will ultimately choose the two people who will sit on the Council.

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