Pick.Click.Give. Donations Up This Year


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Preliminary numbers for Pick. Click. Give. are in, and Kodiak’s non profits have already brought in almost $30,000. Since 2009, Pick. Click. Give. has been an opportunity for Alaskans to donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend to local and statewide nonprofit organizations. Last year $2.2 million was donated to various nonprofits by more than 23,000 individuals across the state.
Locally, the Humane Society of Kodiak leads the nonprofit pack with $10,375 in Pick. Click. Give. donations. Karen Yashin is the president of the Humane Society and said the program has allowed folks to recognize what the nonprofits in their community are, and also donate to them

— (PCG Prelims 1 :19 “I’m really excited about it because every year it has increased. That to me shows sustainability and longevity. I’m looking at things down the road and it makes a big difference to know that this is something that’s actually growing for all the nonprofits and I hope it’s at least sustaining for the non profits if not growing.”)

Yashin said the Humane Society brought in around $8,000 from Pick. Click. Give. last year, so hearing the amount in the $10,000 range made her very happy. She said she hopes the giving to all nonprofits only continues, especially with more than three weeks remaining for residents to file their PFD.
— (PCG Prelims 2 :32 “It’s a wonderful way to do small donations everywhere that you want, or large donations – I don’t know. We’re just pretty excited about it, and it’s easy. One of the things that I just happened to be discussing with a board member the other day was the fact that this was an easy way for people to give and to give all at once. I myself have found myself making my lists and sending the money and a check here and a credit card there and it’s cumbersome, and Pick. Click. Give makes it really easy in my book, it’s one of the easier ways and it has many benefits.”)

The Kodiak Public Library Association has gartered $6,575 and the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository has received $3,625. Other donated amounts are $2,850 to Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation, $2,675 to Kodiak Women’s Resource and Crisis Center, $2,125 toward the Kodiak Maritime Museum, $1,875 to the Kodiak Arts Council and $1,800 to Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc.
There is a little more incentive to donate this year as the annual giving spree has morphed into a contest. Heather Beaty is the program manager for Pick. Click. Give. and said the nonprofit with the highest number of donations will receive an additional $2,500. That only applies to organizations participating for the first time in 2013. Beaty said organizations that have been with the program longer will have their own category of competition.
— (PCG Prelims 3 :18 “And this is to reward the organizations that have the highest percentage of increase in the funds that they raise in 2013. So three of those nonprofits, with the highest percentage growth in dollars pledged, will each win an additional $5,000.”)

The Pick. Click. Give. option is on the last page of the PFD application, which is due March 31. Residents who have already applied for their PFD can go back and add a donation at any time.

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