Borough, City to Discuss Need for Coast Guard Housing


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

A bill passed during the 27th Legislature could mean more land opening up for Coast Guard housing in Kodiak. The bill provides low interest state money for development on land adjacent to military facilities, which can be rezoned as Military Facility Zones. Borough Manager Bud Cassidy said the Coast Guard is concerned about not having enough residential structures to meet the demand of incoming personnel, and the housing problem will only grow as interest in the Arctic also rises.

— (Session Preview 1 :35 “They’re also thinking … the Coast Guard base.”)

Cassidy said it’s really an opportunity for a private, public partnership, and one that the borough would help facilitate through the state.

— (Session Preview 2 :21 “So the borough really sees itself … of better term.”)

The concept of a Military Facility Zone is new to Alaska, and Cassidy said regulations haven’t really been developed for it. He said there are a lot of nuts and bolts to sort out before it becomes a serious consideration in Kodiak. Still, the concept will be one of the topics on the Borough Assembly’s joint work session with the Kodiak City Council tonight. Cassidy said no decisions will be made on the matter, but it was put on the agenda to serve as an introduction and primer on the subject.
Also on tonight’s joint work session agenda is an introduction to the Nonprofit Community Foundation concept and a fisheries update. The work session begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight and will be held in the borough assembly chambers.
Immediately following that meeting the city council will hold its own work session downstairs in the borough conference room. The council will take a look at the city’s quarterly financial report and get an update on capital projects. That meeting is set to start around 7:30 p.m.


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