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Alaska has a long history of inspiring the rest world. Books and films have been written about the Last Frontier and more recently a slew of television shows boasting tremendous success have depicted various aspects of the state. Companies have marketed products around their performance in the Alaska wilderness, and others have simply branded them with an Alaskan name. So is the case with the KODIAK bracelet. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs has more.

Entrepreneurs Jonathan Price and Michael Mojica have never been to Alaska, but their passion for the outdoors and desire to one day visit played a big part in naming the KODIAK bracelet.

“So basically what we wanted to do was really create a survival bracelet that pretty much encompassed everything that you really need if you really need to survive,” said Jonathan Price, who co-owns Outdoor Elements with Mojica. The pair designed and created the KODIAK after seeing a simple paracord survival bracelet, which have grown in popularity and allow wearers to carry several feet of paracord with them at all times.

Price said he and Mojica wanted to recreate the bracelet, but incorporate their own elements of survival, like a fishing hook.The hook is woven into the bracelet, beneath the paracord. But they didn’t stop there. Price said they engineered a Ferro rod and steel striker into the bracelet’s buckle so someone could start a fire whenever they wanted.

“Then we decided to take it to another level and that’s when we created the survival cord with integrated braided fishing line actually inside the rope itself and a material that you could pull out and use as tinder as well,” Price said.

And what about the name?

“We really wanted to give it like a raw, rugged name. So I was thinking, well, Alaska’s probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet, just the vast wilderness up there. That’s really where we came up with the name Kodiak, basing it off of a love of the outdoors and just how beautiful the state of Alaska is.”

Price and Mojica boast backgrounds in business and mechanical engineering, and have already been successful with other versions of their survival bracelets. The KODIAK is currently waiting patent approval, and is featured on Kickstarter dot com. Kickstarter is a website that allows people to browse various projects and contribute start up money to ones they like.

Price said it will take about $52,000 to put the KODIAK on the market. It’s only been online a few days, but as of Wednesday the bracelet had 559 backers, who contributed a total of $15,653 to its fruition. It still has a ways to go, but someday, the KODIAK might be available at retailers, and outdoor enthusiasts will be able to see for themselves if the product lives up to its name.

In raw and rugged Kodiak, I’m Brianna Gibbs.

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