Changes Coming to Kodiak’s Recycle Center


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Recycling in Kodiak is about to get a lot easier, or at the very least, a lot more informative. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs recently caught up with Threshold Recyling Services Executive Director Ken Reinke to discuss some changes coming to the drop off center on Von Scheele Way.
“Well technically it’s July 2nd, because Threshold is now adopting hours that it will be open. And it will be open for recycling from eleven in the morning until 6:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. It’s going to be drive thru indoor recycling. And so it’s pretty exciting because people will drive into our building from the back and someone will be there to help them to get the recycling into the right categories. And that way there’s no time lag on information about recycling. You can find out right there from someone, preferably a volunteer, we’re going to have a lot of volunteers on hand to help people with their recycling. So we won’t have the buildings out front anymore. People won’t have to step up into these sheds or get out of their car in crummy weather. They’re going to be able to step right out onto level ground and be able to get their recycling done indoors no matter the weather.”
That was Threshold Services Executive Director Ken Reinke talking with KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs about the new indoor recycling center that will open for business on July 2.
Reinke said he hopes the process new process will be as straightforward as possible and clear up some of the confusion regarding what the center accepts. He said about half of what the recycling center deals with right now are items that they can’t process.
Ultimately, he said his hope is that the new indoor center will help double the amount of recycled material Kodiak produces by this time next year.
The new process will rely heavily on volunteers, which Reinke says are already showing up in large numbers. He said there will be a need for more help and only asks that people commit to a minimum of one hour a month, if they can. In the future there will be an online sign up sheet for volunteer shifts, but for now those interested in helping can simply call the recycling center.

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