Fireworks Prohibited in City Limits

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Tomorrow is Independence Day which, weather depending, means many folks will partake in camping, bonfires, barbecues and perhaps even a few fireworks. Fireworks are only allowed in some places within the borough, and prohibited within city limits. Those looking to shoot off a Fourth of July spectacle should make sure they’re doing so in an area that’s allowed, and far from any brush, trees or uneven surfaces.
The city used to host its own fireworks show, but stopped doing so about three years ago. Fire Chief Rome Kamai said the primary reason the city stopped was because the folks they typically contracted with to choreograph the display, Mark and Diana Holt, left the pyrotechnics business. Kamai said there isn’t anyone else locally who is licensed to put on a show of that magnitude. In addition to that, Kamai said many of the city-owned lots on Near Island, where the fireworks were typically launched from, have since been sold. As a result, the city hasn’t budgeted for it in recent years.
Fireworks within some parts borough are allowed until July 15, and around the New Year, from December 26 to January 1.

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