He Came, He Saw, He Didn’t Sing: A Year After Pitbull’s Visit


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Remember when a social media campaign brought an unlikely visitor to Kodiak last summer?
“Pitbull, here he is.”
Yesterday marked a year ago that the Miami singer Pitbull touched down in Kodiak for an impromptu visit to Alaska’s Emerald Isle.
“But it’s always good to be around good people in an untouched environment and to be honest, it’s very, very beautiful here and I definitely want to come back.”
Despite receiving a key to the city from Mayor Pat Branson, a year later, Mr. 305 hasn’t made a return visit to the 907. Nor have there been any references to Kodiak in a song.
“They were asking me if I’m going to mention Kodiak, Alaska in a record. I said absolutely we’re going to mention Kodiak, Alaska in a record.”
But to be fair, his most recent album, Global Warming, was only released in November and was probably well underway before his visit.
Mr. Worldwide’s stop in Kodiak came after Walmart promised the town with the most Walmart Facebook page ‘likes’ a visit from the artist, whose real name is Armando Perez.
This prompted Boston Phoenix columnist David Thorpe to find the most remote Walmart and launch a social media campaign to “Exile Pitbull.”
Kodiak’s Walmart took home the win with 72,000 ‘likes,’ despite having a city population of only 8,000. A year later, that number has dropped more than 30,000. Still, a solid 41,000 people continue to ‘like’ the nations most remote Walmart.

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