Majority of Welds on Dry-Docked Tusty Fail Certification


Jay Barrett/KMXT
The Alaska State Ferry Tustumena, which has been in a Seward dry dock for months, has hit another potential roadblock on its way back into the water and into service. Reportedly 80 percent of the welds made while working on the ship did not pass inspection.:
“Well, recently, the Coast Guard was inspecting some repairs to the Tustumena that were done by the Seward Ships Dry Dock, and it was revealed that the repairs did not meet U.S. Coast Guard certification for safety requirements. And more work will have to be done to the ship to make sure it’s brought up to the certification standards of the U.S. Coast Guard,” said Ferry System spokesman Jeremy Woodrow in Juneau.
“So the Marine Highway System right now is inspecting the situation, working with the shipyard and we’re working on a plan to see when the Tustumena will be ready, if it’ll be ready on time for July 23rd, or if further time’s going to be needed.
The Tustumena has been in dry dock for maintenance since November, and its return has been pushed back several times. He said it’s premature to say exactly how this latest problem will affect the Tustumena’s return to service.

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