AT&T Satellite Dish Removed From Library View


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Visitors to the new Kodiak Public Library can look forward to a better view these days. One of the two AT&T satellite dishes blocking the beautiful view of Chiniak Bay in front of the library was removed recently, the result of a deal between the city of Kodiak and the telecommunications company.
City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski said the city council approved an agreement with AT&T back in October that authorized the city to cover the cost of removing the inactive satellite dish.
“Which is if you’re in the library, looking out the main windows there it would be the one on the left.”
Kniaziowski said there was some delay in the removal because the company was busy with tower repairs on the mainland, but she received word this week that the dish was removed.
“They are good to their word. They dismantled it and will be responsible for disposing of it, the materials. And then they’ll bill the city for up to $45,000 for their crew’s time and any other related expenses.”
One dish still remains in that area, which is AT&T property, and Kniaziowski said there have been discussions about removing that one as well.
“They haven’t come to any fruition at this point because that is a back up dish it’s active in the sense that they need it and of course it’s on their property and where they would relocate it and the expenses associated with rewiring and relocating apparently are pretty substantial. So we never were able to finalize that.”
She said coming to an agreement will definitely take some time, but she believes the discussions will continue in the months ahead.

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