Traffic Resumes After Landslides Close Roadways



landslide_photo.jpgWater flows over reminants of one of today’s many landslides near the bunkhouse on Fulp Way. Deb Marlar Photo

Jay Barrett/KMXT
Two lane traffic has been restored on Rezanof Drive West between the Coast Guard Base and Bells Flats. Five slides from Old Woman’s Mountain blocked traffic for several hours this morning.
Meanwhile in town, a small slide off of Pillar Mountain blocked Rezanof on the town side of Pier 2, causing traffic to be diverted to Shelikof Street.
Deb Marlar, the Kodiak City Clerk, is the spokesperson for Kodiak Area Emergency Services. She says a number of areas in town are being restricted to local resident traffic only, and other streets are having problems as well.
“Problem areas are Fulp Drive, Cope Street, Alder-Natalia, High Street and Lightfoot Avenue areas, Hillside Drive, Selief Lane, Mozart Circle.”
A landslide washed several yards of mud and gravel down Alder Lane from above Hillside Drive at about 3 a.m. Some of it washed into the intersection with Rezanof Drive at the traffic signal.
“There was some concern bout the homes there. The residents were contacted and urged to evacuate. I think they chose to stay in place. At 0530, Bob Green with the Department of Transportation reported six slides between Lash Dock and Pier 2.”
Cope Street is another of the steep and crowded areas overlooking the Kodiak waterfront that is having slide issues, according to Marlar.
“There is a report of some sliding on Cope Street that is affecting one of the houses there. Crews are working to control the flooding and divert the flowing water. They’re clearing debris as fast as they can. They are working to minimize the traffic in the problem areas. Police officers and perhaps fire officers are going door-to-door to inform folks and encourage them to evacuate.”
Marlar says the Red Cross and school district have been put on alert in the event that emergency shelters are needed.
Earlier, the school district reported that two buses full of students were stranded in Bell’s Flats until State DOT opened the road back to town. Eider House Bed and Breakfast offered on Facebook to open its doors to any students who were stranded because their parents had made it into town before the landslides closed the road.
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A landslide on Alder Way at the intersection with Rezanof hampered traffic overnight. Kodiak Public Works is advising people to avoid the area. Photo by Shane Rupe

*11:11 a.m. UPDATE*

Rezanof Drive along side Womens Bay between the Coast Guard Base and the Fairgrounds is back down to one lane of traffic so clean up of the five landslides can continue.

The Kodiak Police Department is suggesting that some residents along the base of Pillar Mountain here in town not hesitate to evacuate if the landslide danger increases.

*10:30 a.m. UPDATE*

The State Department of Transportation has reopened both lanes on Rezanof West between Lash Dock and the Fairgrounds. As soon as backed up traffic clears they will go to one open lane so clean up of the landslides can continue.

In town, traffic on Alder, Natalia, Thorsheim and Hillside streets is being restricted to residents of those streets only.

*10 a.m. UPDATE*
Two school buses of school kids are reported by the Kodiak Island Borough School District to be safe, but stranded in Bell’s Flats. State DOT will determine if one lane of traffic can be allowed past Womens Bay, where multiple slides have blocked the road, though no firm timeline has been given.

*8:45 a.m. UPDATE*

While Rezanof Drive West near downtown has been reopened, multiple landslides along Womens Bay are forcing traffic from Bells Flats and beyond to be turned around at the Fairgrounds.
The Alaska State Troopers say more slides are expected between the Coast Guard Base and Bell’s Flats. There is currently no estimate when the road will reopen.
Kodiak Police are recommending people avoid Alder Way because of heavy water runoff. Public Works is on the scene and are rerouting the water. An early report from the KPD said the hillside could be unstable.

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