Second Time’s a Charm for High School Technology Contract


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

There will be some new computer hardware heading the high school as part of the addition and renovation project. During Thursday’s regular meeting the borough assembly approved a contract for about half a million dollars with Integrated Logic, of Anchorage, to purchase new technology equipment.
This wasn’t the first time a technology contract for these materials was brought before the assembly. Back in August the assembly voted against a similar contract with Integrated Logic, but one that was twice the amount approved on Thursday. Assemblyman Aaron Griffin found substantial pricing flaws in the $978,876 contract that was before the assembly almost six months ago. He said many of the items listed in that contract were way over-priced, especially when compared to similar items through different companies.
But as Acting Borough Manager Bill Roberts said on Thursday, the most recent contract is for much less.
“The contract has been whittled down. It was redesigned and probably went for about half the cost it was originally stated at. And it was actually put out to bid; it was sole-sourced last time it was brought before you. It was put out to bid by the borough, we received two bids.”
Integrated Logic’s bid of $500,870 was the low bidder of the two, and Roberts said borough staff recommended the assembly approve the contract.
Assemblywoman Carol Austerman said she would support the new amount.
“I just want to say thank you to staff, both borough staff and the school district staff, for going back to the drawing board on this project. I think it was one where assembly members were all pretty much disappointed with how it came in the first time with the idea of doing it sole-sourced at nearly double this amount. So I just want to say that I appreciate that and I’m glad that we were able to save the borough this kind of money.”
Austerman’s fellow assembly members agreed and the contract was approved unanimously.

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