KPLA Elects New Board Members


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Last week the Kodiak Public Library Association held their annual meeting, the first one since the new public library opened in December. Association Chair Kaia Henrickson said the meeting included some changes to the association’s board of directors, including the election of four new members.
“Barbara Anthony, Jan Chatto, Michelle Griffin and Chastity Starrett to replace three members who were resigning and then one member, Erin Harrington, who had termed off the board. So she’s been on the board for two consecutive three year terms and according to our by laws you have to take a break before you can be on the board anymore.”
Henrickson said it’s actually a perfect time for the organization to bring in some new faces.
“Because we are changing the focus of the organization to become more of a friends of the library group again and looking for new ideas and new energy to continue some of the things we had been doing like book swaps and events for the new library and coming up with some new ideas. So we’re very excited to have these four great new people joining the board and bringing their experience and new thoughts and some new energy to take things into the next phase of KPLA.”
Henrickson said this past year was a big one for KPLA, with the biggest moment being the opening of the new Kodiak Public Library. She said the organization also wrapped up its capital campaign for that project, and surpassed its goal of $750,000. All total she said they raised almost $780,000, with some of that being in kind services and art donations.

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