Turning the Tide Against Marine Debris: Part Three



Kodiak Island Trails Network’s marine debris storage yard at Gibson Cove has reached it’s capacity. Director Andy Schroeder said the super sacs pictured below are stacked 20 feet high. Brianna Gibbs Photo

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Last week KMXT told you about marine debris clean ups happening across Kodiak and how they are being funded.
Last summer Kodiak Island Trails Network cleaned more than 80,000 tons of debris from islands in the northern part of the archipelago, and is hoping to have similar success on Shuyak Island and the northeast portion of Afognak this year.
The amount being cleaned is certainly impressive, but handling the debris once it’s removed is another challenge in itself. KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs has the final installment of our series on marine debris, and what happens to the items after they’re cleaned from the beaches.

pyramid_yard.jpg ITN recently started storing marine debris at a facility leased from the Coast Guard Base, located near the golf course. Brianna Gibbs Photo

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