Reel History: Portrait of a Lady, 79′ Fundraising Pitches


Marina Cummisky/KMXT

Hi, I’m Marina Cummiskey, an intern at KMXT as part of the station’s summer archiving project. This week I listened to Fisherman/Fisherwoman: A Portrait of a Lady, produced by Jaime Rodriguez in May of 1983.
"Good evening, I’m Jaime Rodriquez. Recently, a volunteer here at KMXT expressed intrest in a program about women in the fishing industry, specifically as deckhands or skippers. What you are about to hear is a profile of a local lady fisherman as she discusses her career and her struggles to suceed in a field traditionally held by men."
The fisherwoman, who chose to remain anonymous on the tape, discussed in detail the discrimination she faced while looking for a job. Multiple times she was turned down because she was a woman, and nobody thought she could handle the workload. She expressed her anger toward these people, but ultimately her disappointment with not finding a job.

"It gets really discouraging sometimes; my love of the ocean is the only thing that even keeps me in and and I think, sometimes it will determine to not let these people get in my way or stop me, because I know that’s where I’m the best person and while I’m pushing myself to the limit of what I can do and that’s how I need to work, I need that discipline that the boat provides, and the ocean is where I have to be at, so they’re not going to stop me."
This week I also came across a reel titled, "Alaska Fund-Raising Pitches", compiled by KTOO in Juneau. The audio constists of generic fund-raising pitches, read by voices from various radio stations around the state in 1979. Among those reading is Steve Heimel, current host of APRN’s morning news…
"It takes just one reminder to send Alaskans to the phone to renew their membership in public radio. But you never know which reminder it’s going to be. I’m Steve Heimel, here to tell you that they’re standing by right now to take your pledge. Just call that number, and it’ll be easy. The cost is small and the benefits are tremendous. Public radio takes a lot of radio stations to make real. And at every one of those radio stations, there’s a community of members that makes it happen. That’s where you come in. See? I knew I’d only have to tell you once."
Some Kodiak residents might also recognize the voice of Kellie Law, general manager of KMXT from 1988 to 1994.
"Hi, I’m Kellie Law. Support public radio."
And even Joaqlin Estus, current news director at KNBA Koahnic broadcast station, who’s work is often featured on Alaska News Nightly.
"I’m Joaqlin Estus. I think every consumer should help support what they watch and listen to."
The reel even included a pitch from the late U.S. Senator Ted Stevens…
"This is Ted Stevens. I hope you will make a pledge to this public radio station."

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