Art, Chemistry Classroom Occupancy Delayed

Jay Barrett/KMXT
Though work is reported to be on schedule for the Kodiak High School expansion and renovation project in general, the school board found out Monday night from facilities and operations director Gregg Hacker that two classrooms will not be available for occupancy on time.
“Our two-hour separation firewall between the old building and the new is fairly critical to occupancy. And the glazing associated with that will not be on-island until October 28th."
The two classrooms are the chemistry lab and the visual arts studio.
“Right now we’re opting to keep those folks in place where they’re at, and move in what we can and allow the contractors full access, you know, early winter, to get those new windows and window frames in so we can accept full occupancy.”
Hacker said once the windows are on-island, it’ll probably take two weeks to install them.
Recent excavation in front of what will be the school’s new main entrance, near the end of the commons wing, is to accommodate the new, wider entry.
“We’re looking at three lanes, having a turn lane each way, and of course a center. Much wider, and the corners will sweep. I don’t know how many of you have brought a truck into our parking lot and jumped up over the sidewalk there, but I’ve done it more than once, and this will help a lot. But they had to go quite deep to get some decent fill. So that hole ended up being much deeper than anticipated. In fact some folks were joking about a new pool at one point.”
Except for the visual arts and chemistry rooms, Hacker reports the contractors are on schedule:
“Initial start-up occupancy on October 1st, with teacher move-in days on the 9th, 10th and 11th.”
In addition to the high school project, Hacker said the six-year project for shoring up retaining walls and concrete on the Rezanof side of the Middle School is going well this summer as well.

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