Eye Specialist Will Provide Free Exams


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Folks needing specialized eye care will be able to get it next week. Gary Weiner is an eye specialist and surgeon who came to Kodiak to help volunteer with the Kodiak Baptist Mission. Upon arriving, however, he was asked by the Mission’s director, Trevor Jones, if he would be interested in offering his medical services while on the island.
“And I said sure. Sure. So I called Jeremiah Myers and he offered us to use his place and see patients and offer medical opinions on eye disease. We won’t be doing any surgery or anything, but we’ll be offering them free services – I mean all the services I’ll be giving will be provided free – seeing people and possibly making diagnosis and helping whoever we can with their eye problems.”

Jeremiah Myers is a local optometrist at the Kodiak Vision Clinic and long-time member of the Kodiak Lions Club. He said in addition to offering up the clinic for the free appointments, the Lions Club is offering to provide glasses for those who need them and qualify for support.
He said the Lions Club has a 50 year history of providing eye care services and financial aid to those needing them on Kodiak, including collecting used glasses in various locations around town to be reused.
“We take those glasses, we clean them, we put them on the lensometer – measure them, put them in cases and our clinic that I work at each year a couple times in North Pol Alaska – we’ve got a full Lions eye clinic set up there with about 30,000 pairs of glasses. And we were one of the first states to get it approved that we could get you a used pair of glasses.”
Myers said some people always thought wearing someone else’s glasses wasn’t good for people, but for those that can’t afford their own pair, he thinks used glasses are better than nothing.
“And you know the truth is if you’re a -400 and you have a pair of -350 glasses, you might not see 20/20 crisp, but you’ll see a lot better than you will without them.”

KMXT has a used glasses collection box at our station, located at 620 Egan Way, next door to the new Kodiak Public Library.
Myers said the free appointments with Weiner will be held on July 29 and 31, and folks can call the Kodiak Vision Clinic to book a slot.

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