From K-Town to Sin City: Local Girl Makes Modeling Cut


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

A Kodiak High School alumna was selected as a top 50 finalist for an international modeling competition. Leona Gerlitz (gr-litz) is the running to win the Sin City Suicide Girls’ photo contest, which would allow her to represent the film Sin City 2 both at the premiere and Comic-Con in San Diego.
Gerlitz, a 2010 KHS graduate, said the contest is sponsored by the Suicide Girls’ website, which she said celebrates alternative beauty.
“Spanning anywhere from tattoos and piercings to different hair colors and beyond that to represent girls who are outside of the norm.”
Gerlitz, who currently lives and attends school in Portland, Oregon, said she first heard about the international contest from a coworker who encouraged her to apply, but she didn’t think anything would necessarily come of it.
To enter, Gerlitz submitted a photo of herself, taken by a friend that is a professional photographer. Her photo, along with the 49 other finalists, is now featured on the Suicide Girls’ Facebook page
“I was selected as a top 50 finalist which I thought was bananas.”

While Gerlitz isn’t nude in the photo, she said she understands how some people might be offended by the implied nudity and the fact that she is wearing lingerie. She said that doesn’t bother her and she isn’t ashamed of her body or the photo.
“I think bodies are beautiful and the photos are tasteful and I don’t have a problem sharing them. But I can understand, Kodiak is a small community and a lot of people know me or went to school with me or might be a former teacher or people’s parents. While that is in the back of my mind, I’m an adult and I can’t let that hold me back.”
Since leaving Kodiak after graduation, Gerlitz said she’s been doing a bit of modeling here and there, but would like to do more of it.
“Just because it’s something that I can make money with and it doesn’t really take a lot of time so it frees me up to go to school and what not. And it’s also fun and an artistic expression. So it’s kind of something I’ve been working on – working on my portfolio and what not.”
Gerlitz said she’s so thankful for the Kodiak community supporting her and for all the votes so far – which are well over 800.

Folks who want to help Gerlitz win the contest and represent Sin City can vote on Facebook by visiting the Suicide Girls’ page and liking or commenting on the photo of Gerlitz. She said her name is in the caption of the photo when you click through the Top 50 album. Voting will end July 10, so the sooner people vote the better.

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