KHS’ New Principal is No Stranger to District


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Kodiak High School will have a new principal this fall, but it won’t be an unfamiliar face. Chris Aguirre actually began his administrative career in Kodiak back in 2005 when he moved to the Island for a year to be the district’s career and technical education director.
“Which was just a great start and actually helped me tremendously in my career.”
A family issue made Aguirre move to New York after that first year in Kodiak, where he spent roughly eight years working in public education. He was the founding principal of New York City’s City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture and Technology – an early college high school that provided college credits to graduating students.
“And when I got through my first graduating class and wanted to actually spend a little more time with my wife and family I went into higher education. And I had a great experience but decided that where I below was in public ed.”

Aguirre worked as the chief of staff for academic affairs at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas, before accepting the job here in Kodiak.
While Aguirre is returning to a familiar place, his new role, and the building he’ll be working in, are quite different. He said it is amazing to see the high school construction and renovation project underway and believes it will be a well thought out, fantastic facility. Still, he acknowledged that the project will pose challenges for him as he transitions into the job.
“You know you’re going to have to find out and listen a whole heck of a lot, doing that in an environment that’s changing – that’s a bit of a challenge. It is great that the building is coming up but just moving into the building in October – we want to make sure that things are lined out. It moves smoothly for parents, for families, for students, faculty, for staff. You just need to make sure those things are well thought out and people feel comfortable in those transitions. That’s definitely going to be a challenge early on.”
Aguirre emphasized that he’s looking forward to the school year and working with all the people and students the district serves. He said he’s been traveling back and forth as his family makes the move back to Kodiak, but will be in the position full time starting in August.

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