Reel History: Benny Benson and Live Mariachi


Al Asuncion/KMXT
Hello, I’m Al Asuncion, an intern at KMXT as part of the station’s summer archiving project. This week, I listened to Sand Castle, stories for young adventurers, all read by Jean Vanderford.
“Today, our stories are “Benny’s Flag”, written by Phyllis Krasilovsky in 1960. It is a true story by Benny Benson and the Alaska flag design, and Sophie’s Bucket, written by Catherine Stock in 1985. Sophie takes a beach bucket to the seashore; and “Eeps Creeps, It’s My Room!” written in 1984 by Martha Whitmore Hickman. Jeffrey has to clean up his room.”

Three amazing stories were read on this show; however, one of them that I found very interesting was Benny’s Flag, because it’ s a true story. Let me give you an overview. Benny was an Indian boy living in an Alaskan mission home many years before Alaska became a state. One day, his teacher told the class about a contest to make a flag for Alaska. All the girls and boys in the mission home created countless designs of the flag that night. Benny thought about what he loved most about Alaska. Finally, he knew what he wanted his flag to be like: the blue field for the Alaska sky and the forget-me-not Alaskan flower; the North Star for the future State of Alaska, the most northerly in the Union; and the dipper for the Great Bears which symbolizes strength. In the end, Benny’s design was chosen and he won.
That wonderful music that you just heard was the “Mariachi Juvenil Latino,” a band from Los Angeles, California, but the members were originally from Jalisco, a state in Mexico. The band members have been together for 10 years now during this show was aired. Mariachi Juvenil Latino played great music with such great energy in the KMXT studio. Here’s a bit of a song they also played, titled “Volver Volver!”
“…. y me muero por volver Y volver volver, volver a tus brazos otra vez, llegare hasta donde estes
yo se perder,yo se perder, quiero volver, volver, volver.”
Thank you for joining me this week, as I recap some amazing real-to-reel audio.

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