Cultural Orientation Offered in Alutiiq Studies


Jay Barrett/KMXT
As we told you yesterday, there’s a new certificate endorsement for students who complete five classes in Alutiiq studies at Kodiak College. One of those courses is called Cultural Orientation. Assistant Professor April Laktonen-Counceller tells us more.
“The Cultural Orientation class is sort of the keystone course for all of the programs we’re developing in the Alutiiq Studies Program because it pro vides that broad overview. And it’s really good for anyone that has a job where they come into contact with Native people on a regular basis – which is pretty much everyone here in Kodiak, right?”
She said the course in the past has helped many people navigate the sometimes complex and confusing world of Native organizations.
“The people who have taken that course in the past have said that ir really gave them an understanding in how to communicate cross-culturally as well as understand all the different interconnected organizations that work within the Alutiiq region. We have the regional non-profit, KANA; we have the regional corporation, Koniag; all the village corporations. How do those interact and what does that have to do with our cultural revitialization. It’s very inter-disciplinarian – it’s a lot of fun.”
Laktonen-Counceller says it would be worth it to check with your employer if you’re interested in taking the class, as they may pay for it.
This is also a good course if an organization wants to make sure their employees are culturally competent. We do have organizations in town that will sponsor their employees to take these classes to make sure that they are providing the highest level of service to the Native community.”
Classes at Kodiak College start later this month. The Alutiiq Cultural Orientation class gathers from 4 to 5:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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