Homer Fishing Boat Damaged in Grounding

Annie Ropeik/KUCB
A fishing boat from Homer ran aground outside an Unalaska harbor Tuesday night after going the wrong way around a channel marker.
The Ocean Ranger was heading into the Bobby Storrs Boat Harbor around 6 p.m. when it struck a reef. Unalaska Ports Director Peggy McLaughlin says the boat’s crew probably misread their navigational charts.
“They obviously didn’t follow the intention of the markers or they would
have missed the reef,” McLaughlin said.
The vessel tore its hull and took on some water during the grounding. But no one was injured, and McLaughlin says the Coast Guard didn’t find any environmental damage.
The Ocean Ranger was able to get itself to a local salvage yard, where the boat’s crew is working on repairing their damaged hull.

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