School Performance Rankings Released

Jay Barrett/KMXT
The State of Alaska has released its school rankings for the last academic year. The Alaska School Performance Index, or ASPI, grades schools from one to five stars on several criteria, including academic achievement, attendance rate, and for high schools, graduation rate and college career readiness. Improvement year-over-year is also graded.
Only two schools in the Kodiak Island Borough district were awarded five stars. They are North Star and Peterson elementary schools. North Star had an ASPI score of 94.18 and Peterson had 97.04.
North Star had a proficiency ranking of 93.94 percent in reading, 88 percent in writing and 84 percent in math. Peterson had scores of 96.34 in reading, 96.34 in writing and 92.68 in math.
On the other end of the spectrum were four village schools, which were only awarded three stars. All had students from kindergarten to 12th grade.
Larsen Bay School had an overall score of 75.44, which is a combination of the 66.67 which was measured in kindergarten to 8th grade, and the 97.38 from 9th through 12th grade.
Ouzinkie School’s overall performance score was 74.1. It’s K-through-8 score was 75.86 and its high school score of 65.64.
Akhiok School had an ASPI score of 72.57 overall, composed of the K-to-8 score of 72.92 and the high school’s 72.12.
The school with the lowest ASPI score was in Old Harbor. It’s grade- and middle- school score was 85.45, while its high school score was 45.98.
All the other schools in the district received four stars, with ASPI scores ranging from 85.62 at Chiniak School to 93.17 at Karluk.
All one-, two-, and three-star schools are required to implement improvement plans. The plans also are required for four-star and five-star schools that have not had at least 95 percent student participation in state assessments; or whose graduation rate has declined from the previous year; or which have not met their Annual Measureable Objectives for two consecutive years.
This is the second year for the Alaska-developed ASPI accountability and support system, which replaced the federal Adequate Yearly Progress system under No Child Left Behind.
Kodiak Superintendent Stuart McDonald was scheduled to give an update to the school board at a work session last night via remote link because he’s in Juneau at the moment. We’ll be talking with him about the Alaska School Performance Index later this week.

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