Outgoing Assembly Members Say ‘Goodbye’


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

There are officially three new members on the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. During last night’s regular meeting, Borough Clerk Nova Javier administered the oath of office to Dan Rohrer, Larry LeDoux and Rebecca Skinner.
Last night also marked the final meeting for Assemblymen Dave Kaplan, Tuck Bonney and Mel Stephens.
“And that brings me to the sad honor that I have to present appreciation certificates to our outgoing members.”

That was Borough Mayor Jerrol Friend, who thanked the three outgoing assembly members for their years of service to the community.

Kaplan, who joined the assembly in 2008, thanked the Kodiak community for allowing him to serve for six years and welcomed the new members.
“Congratulations to the newly elected assembly members. You all ran formidable campaigns. That shows your constituency that you are serious, dedicated and it will reflect what you will do and serve on the assembly.”
Bonney said it was a good ride, and thanked the voters for supporting him for more than four terms on the assembly. In that time Bonney said he worked for four different mayors, four or five different managers, three clerks and served with 12 different assemblies.
“I’ve got no regrets. I’m going to go home and have a beer. And good luck!”
Stephens, who served on the assembly since 2011, also offered up some final words.
“Ya, I do have a few comments, mine are a bit longer than these others but this is the last time that you’ll have a chance to roll your eyes at me so please bare with me.”
Stephens took the opportunity to point out what he thought were flaws in the local government.
“The bottom line is that our local governments need to do better. On issues of right and wrong, we must always, ALWAYS, be on the side of right and common decency. No good to be there 95 percent of the time. You don’t need to be superman to be a local government employee or elected official. But I’m sorry, in my opinion; you do need always to stand for truth justice and the American way.”
He also noted that citizens can do better and need to step up to the plate and get involved with the system to make sure it works properly. He ended on a positive note, however, by making sure folks knew that he genuinely appreciated the uniqueness of Kodiak.

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