Joe Floyd Tourney XLVIII Starts Thursday

Jay Barrett/KMXT

It’s once again time for one of the oldest wintertime traditions in modern Kodiak history. The Joe Floyd basketball tournament. 

The tournament kicks off at 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon, with the Lathrop and East Anchorage girls, followed by the East Anchorage and West Valley boys at 4:45. The Kodiak Bears get in on the action with the defending 4-A state champion girls team taking the court at 6:30 against Mt. Edgecumbe, but the Kodiak boys play the nightcap at 8:15 against the Mt. Edgecumbe boys.

We’ve got the full round-robin tournament schedule after the jump.

Thursday, Jan. 8th

3:00     Lathrop                        vs     East                            Girls

4:45     West Valley                  vs     East                            Boys

6:30     Kodiak Bears                vs     Mt. Edgecumbe          Girls

8:15     Kodiak Bears                vs     Mt. Edgecumbe          Boys

Friday, Jan. 9th

3:00     Mt. Edgecumbe             vs    West Valley                Boys

4:45     Mt. Edgecumbe             vs    Lathrop                      Girls

6:30     East                               vs    Kodiak Bears             Boys

8:15     East                               vs    Kodiak Bears             Girls

Saturday, Jan. 10th

1:30     East                               vs    Mt. Edgecumbe         Girls

3:15     East                               vs    Mt. Edgecumbe         Boys

5:00     Kodiak Bears                 vs    Lathrop                      Girls

6:45     Kodiak Bears                 vs    West Valley                Boys


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