Rare KoC Course Offering Helps Students Focus Career Goals


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With a new year comes a new semester and new offerings at Kodiak College. In the Adult Basic Education department, there are three courses kicking off, GED preparation, English as a second language and, according to Adelia Myrick, one that hasn’t been offered in a few years: the Career and College Awareness Course.

“Yeah, it’s actually a really wonderful class. There’s 10 classes; they are three-hour classes. It’s sort of divided into three parts. The first part is self exploration. We’ve got a lot of instruments and tools for the students to look at their personal strengths and interests. And the second part is looking at different career possibilities that really match up with your own interests and abilities, and then the third part is what kind of training, education and what other steps do you need to take in order to begin with that career.”

Myrick says that last outcome is what sets it apart:

“So it’s not just a find a job, get a job type of class. It’s really looking at the bigger picture. Students can be looking at their own things. Though it’s taught in a class setting, it’s not forcing everybody in the same class to look at the same information. And the best part of the class I think is students leave with a really clear, step by step plan for what their immediate steps need to be next. So they don’t just leave with just an idea that ‘well, maybe I’ll be great as a chef,’ but they know what intermediate steps they need to take immediately in order to get started on the path.”

Myrick adds that the course isn’t just for young people setting off on higher education for the first time.

“We say that it’s never too late to figure out what you’re doing with your life and never too late to be a student in our program. The requirements to take the class is that you may not be enrolled in high school – because we can’t duplicate services – but other than that, there’s no upper age limit. And students really need to be committed to coming to all 10 classes. So that’s about all we require.”

There’s also a new class under the English as a Second Language course offerings:

“One new thing that we’re offering this semester is a workplace communication class, that is going to be on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:30. And that will help students who are already established in a work situation, or who are looking to a different job, but English language skills are something they need to improve. So that class will be targeting those students.”

We’ll have more from Myrick in a later story about how the changes in the State of Alaska’s GED requirements are working out a year after they changed. 

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