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Come Alive by Krimson:



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An 18-year-old Kodiak Island woman has been going back and forth from here to Los Angeles since before high school graduation last year, laying the groundwork for her music career.

Folks here know her as Stephanie Blondin. On iTunes, she’s Krimson. Her first single, “Come Alive,” was co-written with L.A. pianist Davy Nathan.*

“We just started writing these songs together. We wrote a few, and then we wrote a few more. And I ended up picking the later versions just because they were a little more fitting to me. After working with him (we did) nine songs total.”

Krimson describes her music as Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, which requires a high level of collaboration between writing the lyrics, scoring the melody, and then what she calls “the computer stuff.”

“Well it’s actually pretty cool, because we  go in there and we’ll sit down with just a piano and basically pencil and paper and just kind of write the song out from nowhere. It’s a lot of fun. So just kind of on a friend basis, just sit down and write a song together, and then I go home to Alaska typically,” she said. “You know they change the music for it and then I come back down, I rerecord it and then we mix it and master it.”

Her a four-song EP, titled “Stay,” just went live a week ago, joining “Come Alive” on the iTunes store. So far her first single has been getting a nearly all five-star ratings and positive reviews.

“I would say what is successful isn’t what sells, but what makes an impact to people, what people like. It’s not always about how many downloads your getting, but if people are listening to your song,” she said. “Me, actually as an artist, I would say that a lot of it to me is more the music than the singing. But a lot of people don’t really technically do what I do because I kind of mix the DJ world with the artist world. You know most people are either DJs or singers, and I’m kind of a combination of both.”

As for her stage name “Krimson,” she explains… “I was looking for ways to incorporate my red hair into my name, something that inspired me. And I was looking and researching and I couldn’t find anything for months. I didn’t know what to do. And then I came along with Crimson. So it kind of caught on to me and I didn’t like it with a C and I kept doing this and doing that and I laid off of it for a few weeks and all of a sudden I was just doodling and I ran into it with a K, and that was pretty much it.”

If you’d like to hear more of Stephanie Blondin’s music, search for her stage name on iTunes – it’s Krimson, with a K.


*An earlier version of this story misidentified Davy Nathan.

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