City Council Moves Forward on New Website Design


Update coming soon. The Kodiak City Council has approved a $20,000 contract for a new website. 

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The City Council discussed re-designs for both their website and the fire house last night at its special council meeting. According to City Manager Aimée Kniaziowski, the city has spent funds to maintain the fire house structure, but it needs a more permanent fix.


“We continue to have problems with the roof leaking. There’s mold. We have major plumbing issues. We have a creek running under the building,” she said. “There are just lots of different problems with it. And my biggest concern of course is the risk of any kind of a failure due to a seismic event.”

Kniaziowski, speaking for herself, city engineer Glenn Melvin, and fire chief Jim Mulligan, recommended that the council authorize a professional services contract with Stantec for $99,435. This contract would involve drafting a pre-design for a new fire station to be used when funding becomes available. 

Some council members expressed concern that the draft would be dated by the time funding became available. 

“My concern is that that pre-design and the site selection is going to sit on the shelf someplace the next four, five, or six years and things are gonna change,” said  Councilman John Whiddon.

Several other council members brought up separate issues that bore further discussion. The council therefore moved to postpone the authorization of the fire house pre-design. 

The city council also moved to approve a website redesign from Aha Consulting not to exceed $20,000. That budget also includes training city staff and providing website assistance in the time following the website’s completion.

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