Business to Harness the Power of Puppy Eyes to Raise Money for Animal Shelter

fancy_clothed_dog_stacie_joy.jpgDog wears its best hat out. Kodiak K Nine Kuts suggests participants dress their dogs up for the show. Via editrixie / Flickr

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

If your loved one has soulful eyes, soft hair, and a fluffy tail, you can enter that canine into a dog show this weekend.

Kodiak K Nine Kuts is organizing the contest as part of Crab Fest to raise money for the Humane Society of Kodiak Animal Shelter, a goal co-owner Liz Naughton says is important to her and the business.

“K-nine has been open working on five years, and in the past we’ve tried to do stuff to help better raise money for the shelter,” says Naughton. “We’ve groomed dogs for the shelter that were in bad shape and we have a k-9000 dog wash so they can come in and wash dogs that are up for adoption and stuff because that’s what we do. I’m an animal lover and that’s why I do what I do.”

Naughton says this is the first year they’ve tried this show and there’s room for growth.

“We’re just kinda getting out feet wet and just see how people are,” says Naughton. “We’re gonna hand out suggestion cards you to say ‘Hey, what would we like to do?’ Maybe we could really turn this into something great here through the next few years.”

Naughton’s business partner, Diana Fogler, is the other K Nine Kuts co-owner and says they’re starting simple. It’ll be a fun, light contest.

“People can dress their dogs in costumes,” Fogler says. “We have four different categories this year. We have most appealing eyes, best costume, best adopted shelter dog, and the dog that judges would most likely pick to take home with them.”

She says both contest participants, and observers, will have a chance to win prizes.

“We have the rosettes of course and then we have engraved dog bowls and we are also doing door prizes. We have prizes from the Kodiak Pet Supply up the road, we will have door prizes from Canine Kuts and I believe from C & E Feeds as well,” says Fogler.

Fogler says all proceeds go to the animal shelter. She says entry fees are fifteen dollars and for general admission, you can either donate 5 dollars or a bag of pet food.

The event will begin Sunday at 1 p.m. in the St. Mary’s School gym and Fogler says if you want to enter your dog into the show, you can reach out to K Nine Kuts directly. Go to the contact page for that information.

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