The Spit is Ready to Go for Crab Fest

trident_construction.jpgA picture of Trident’s construction next to the Spit. Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

With Crab Fest fast approaching, vendors and rides will need all the space they can get by St. Paul Harbor – not only for themselves, but for the people who’ll line up at the booths.

Part of preparing for Crab Fest means clearing the Spit to make room.  

Public Works Director, Mark Kozak, says Trident Seafoods is busy building a processing plant in the location of the old Alaska Fresh Seafoods building next to the Spit, but confirmed Monday that construction won’t get in the way of festivities.

“Right now it looks like everything is supposed to be cleared by the end of the day,” says Kozak.” And, so we are anticipating that won’t be a problem. Most of it’s been cleared off, just a few vehicles left to move, and then we’re gonna do a final clean-up early tomorrow morning and it should be ready to go for the festival.”

Executive Director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, Trevor Brown, says a section of the land will be fenced off, but says it’s justified since it’s part of Trident’s investment in the community itself.

“The fenced area is I believe about a 300 foot by 40 foot section and that section had to be dug up to replace the city water and sewer and Trident basically paid for that out of their own pocket to replace thatm," says Brown. "So, we’re losing a little bit on the Spit. I think we can get most of that out of the way anyway, for what’s coming.”

Brown says there’ll be rides in the Spit.

“Tons of Fun will be out there will thirteen of their inflatables and we also have the ejection seat which will start going up today. That shoots you up in the air quite a ways.”
You can try those rides and some of the edible offerings at Crab Fest beginning Thursday and continuing until Monday, May 25. To read more about the schedule and activities, check out the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce website.

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