Borough Assembly Discusses Jackson Park

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Jackson Mobile Home Park was the main topic of conversation at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly work session last night. While the Assembly also reviewed its packet for its regular meeting, it dedicated a chunk of time to possible solutions and next steps regarding Jackson Park. Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission was present to share their thoughts.   

Community Development director, Bob Pederson, introduced the borough staff’s research, which includes exploring relocation options and spreading the word to other park owners. For example, Pederson says they’ve talked with the owner of Rasmussen’s Mobile Home Park about making room on his property.

“There is roughly about seven spaces in that smaller piece that may be possible and roughly about 22 in the track U is the sketch and so he’s been evaluating that, he may file an application for the conditional use permit to do that. So that may be another piece – all these are pieces of the puzzle,” says Pederson.

Pederson also discussed an alternative to finding a renting arrangement before the Jackson Park closure.

“Another possibility that was identified about a week or two ago was what about somewhere to maybe store these mobile homes if they have to vacate from Jackson’s by the deadline and potentially a place to put them if they haven’t made another arrangement yet,” says Pederson.

Pederson brought up a few outdoor storage spaces that mobile home owners could arrange for their trailers. The assembly also discussed ways to make the transition out of Jackson Park easier, and several assembly members agreed they should waive the fee for residents to move their homes. Assemblyman Frank Peterson said they should find out that cost.

“I’d like to see staff working with those residents in order to come up with a hard number and almost a guarantee from the assembly that we’re gonna do our best to reduce those fees on our end or eliminate them altogether so that it’s not gonna cost as much money,” says Peterson.

P&Z Commission member, Kathy Drabek, voiced her support on that point.

“We’re Planning and Zoning and we need to do an enormous amount of focus on the planning,” says Drabek. “But we do have an emergency situation right now, so I’m very glad to hear that waivers of fees are being looked at.”

If you’d like to share your thoughts or ideas, you can find assemblymembers’ contact information on the borough website. The Borough Assembly’s next regular session will be on Thursday, June 18.

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