Kodiak Salmon Harvest Update

Jay Barrett/KMXT

While the Kodiak Management Area pink salmon catch has been steadily declining into the four-figure range, the daily catch of sockeye salmon has stayed in the five figures.

The Sunday harvest of reds totalled 19,376, with Saturday’s deliveries amounting to 16,177, and Friday’s 27,224. According to Fish and Game’s latest figures, the total sockeye harvest is 2.9-million.

There were 1,957 humpies caught Sunday, 2,336 on Saturday, and 8,422 on Friday. Those just add to the already record season harvest, which is now at 31,379,428.

Coho catches remain in the thousands, with 3,378 brought in Sunday, 3,156 on Saturday and 5,338 on Friday. The chum catches have slacked off almost the most, with under 800 delivered over the weekend. Also delivered have been a single king salmon on each of the last two days.

The latest figure for the all-species harvest in the Kodiak area is 35,369,189.

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