Crow, Symmons, Stephens Win Seats on KIB Assembly

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Election results are in for the Kodiak Island Borough 2015 Municipal Elections. For the two Kodiak Island Borough Assembly seats of three years, Kyle Crow won with 976 votes and Dennis Symmons with 897 votes and, for the assembly seat of one year, Mel Stephens won with 811 votes.

Dennis Symmons said he is elated about the results.

“In Kodiak, a person running for office never knows what that turnout’s going to be, never knows where they stand. I know the input was like no other election that I’ve been involved with before. The input from my friends, the supporters, has been perfect. I’m really content with what we put into this campaign.”

He said his last few months serving as an assemblyman has been a learning process, and Kyle Crow says that learning his new role is what he wants to tackle first.

“It looks like a lot of work ahead. It’s almost a little daunting. I’m grateful for the confidence of the voters and I’ll just try to do the best I can. I’m sure I’ll fall short at times, but this is a new experience to me, and I look forward to giving it my best shot.”

Mel Stephens could not be reached for comment.

In addition to the assembly seats, Tracy Chandler and Robert Foy won two seats of three years on the Kodiak Island School District Board of Education.

And, in the Kodiak City Municipal Elections, Laura Arboleda ran for a Kodiak City Council seat of two years, formerly held by Terry Haines, and Gabriel Saravia and Richard Walker ran for two seats of three-year terms. All three candidates won those positions. Pat Branson also ran for re-election for the mayoral seat and won uncontested. You can find the full results on the Borough’s website.

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