Kodiak High School Renovation and New Wing Near Completion

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Kodiak High School renovation and construction project has reached its final stages. Kodiak Island Borough School District Superintendent, Stewart McDonald, says its conclusion is just a few weeks away.

“We’re very proud of the work that’s gone into that. We’re on or under budget at this moment, and December 18 is the magic date for me where we’re assured that everything left to be done will be done, the last touch-up and trim and that sort of thing.”

As of yesterday, borough staff says construction should be done by the end of December.

McDonald says they’re hoping to have an open house as soon as the dance room and marine science tech lab open up, both of which are still behind a construction wall.

Kodiak Island Borough School District Board of Education President Duncan Fields says he attended the old school in downtown Kodiak and lived through most of the school transitions. He calls the construction amazing.

“As Stewart and I walked through here a week or ten days ago, I could just see possibilities and facility capability to expand and enhance a lot of the programs we already have at the high school, but also to move into new programs. I think there’s an area for nursing. There’s a whole area – wing – for kids [with] special needs that provides facilities that haven’t been available before.”

He and McDonald encourage community members to take a tour of the new wing once it’s built and says they should announce a date for the open house soon.

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