The Alaska Fisheries Report 31 December 2015


Coming up on this last show of the year, OR first one of the new year if you’re listening on Friday or Saturday: Will the University of Alaska mothball its applied research center in Kodiak? The Alaska Board of Fisheries decides to snub Kenai once again, and they talk about coastal erosion. All that, and how the summer salmon season went in Area M, as reported by our high school correspondents in Sand Point, coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report.

Before we get started this week, I’d like to share with you the names of the reporters who have made the Alaska Fisheries Report possible and such a joy to do each week. There’s been an unusual amount of turnover in Alaska public broadcasting in 2015, so there’s a welcome number of extra names on the list this year. They are, in reverse alphabetical order by last name: Robert Woolsey, Evan Wilson, Laine Welch, Rachel Waldholz, Joe Viechnicki, Joe Sykes, Katarina Sostarik, Ed Schoenfeld, John Ryan, Emily Russell, Liz Ruskin, Lauren Rosenthal, Annie Ropeik, Shady Grove Oliver, Jenny Neyman, Matt Miller, Ben Matheson, Matt Martin, Greta Mart, Marcia Lynn, Ellen Lockyer, Emily Kwong, Laura Kraegel, Casey Kelly, Leila Keihry, Anjuli Grantham, Monica Gokey, Chloe Gardner, Margaret Friedenaur, Emily Files, Charles Enoch, Tim Ellis, Josh Edge, Maria Dudzak, Molly Dischner, Kayla Desroches, Angela Denning, Hannah Colton, Shaylon Cochran, Quinton Chandler, Thea Card, Tim Bodony, Jillian Bjornstad, Dave Bendinger, Tom Banse, and Elizabeth Arnold.

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