KIB Assembly to Discuss Possible Liquor Store at Airport

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Strategic planning and liquor licenses are two topics the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will discuss tonight during several meetings back-to-back. At its work session, it’ll hash out the details of a strategic planning meeting which Borough Manager Bud Cassidy says the borough will hold on Saturday.  

“This is an opportunity for folks to participate. We’re gonna break out into small groups and kinda discuss important issues. Maybe the kinds of things the assembly wants to address in the next couple of years. So, our hope is that we get a pretty good turnout. We’re also gonna be providing the opportunity for villages to participate.”

Prior to the work session tonight, the assembly will discuss liquor licenses at a special meeting. Cassidy says the assembly will focus on a liquor license transfer of ownership and location which would establish a package store at the airport. He says the assembly wants to make sure the public in the city and the villages are aware of the possible change before the borough is required to give feedback to the state on the issue.            
“It’s a package store and that could mean more liquor in the communities and if that’s an issue or not, I think that’s where some of the assembly members are interested in making sure that the word gets out, that it isn’t just the standard notification process, that it goes beyond that.”                                       

Cassidy explains another concern is that the license would not comply with the existing lease.

“The state airport says they can’t have a package store there because they lease the properties out and I think the state is saying… our requirements don’t allow a package store to be located out there under the lease. It’s gotta be consistent with the language of the lease and there’s some question about if in fact the language of the lease allows a package store.”

Kyle Crow is one of those assembly members who wants to make sure that the public is aware of the issue and its upcoming deadline. He says that at an earlier date he suggested the assembly hold this upcoming special meeting to reach out to the community, who were not otherwise notified due to their distance from the proposed store.

“Just the fact that, typically, if a liquor license would be transferred into a neighborhood or another location downtown, then of course notices would be provided to the people that would be affected, and in this particular case, because of its location, the only people who were affected were main businesses and not the larger community.”

The deadline for the borough’s decision is Saturday, and Crow hopes members of the city and the villages will step forward if they have comment. If you do have thoughts to share, you can speak to the assembly at its special meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Borough Conference Room. Its work session will immediately follow.  

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