Safeway Lettering Just Down for Repair

safeway_sign_by_jay.jpgAbsent lettering at Safeway. Jay Barrett/KMXT

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

You may have noticed that Safeway has been missing the lettering on its storefront for the last few months. Store manager Mike Murray says the absence of the signs just means they’re doing repairs. 

“Most people might recall, for a lot of years, the signage that we had on the front of the building was not functioning correctly and it was just due to age and corrosion etc., and while we tried many, many times to get the branding taken care and burning right, we finally got approval on that. The problem was that we started too late in the season on the project.”

He says back in September, they removed the signs and then pressure washed and painted the front of the building.

“And it was on getting the install where we’re having some trouble with the contractor, the weather, etc., because we need to draw a stencil across the front of the building to kind of place where the holes for the signage will go through the membrane, and so that’s where we’re at, waiting for a good break in weather in terms of wind and rain and availability with the contractor.”

Murray says he hopes the lettering will be back in February or March, weather permitting.

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