Dog Eared Reads Episode 7



Beyond the Cover Feature: Heather Lende, writer of 2015’s "Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons from a small town Obituary Writer" stops by to discuss her book and her upcoming visit to the Kodiak College on Friday, February 26th. She shares how she got into writing obituaries for the Haines, Alaska paper, some stories about her job and life as well as some tips and advice for aspiring writers. Heather Lende also briefly discusses her 2005 Bestseller, "If You Lived Here, I Would Know Your Name."


Community ROAR Review: Bob Ross reviews "The Retired Failure" by Smokey Stover, with a mention of "Derevnia’s Daughter: Saga of an Alaskan Village" by Lola Harvey. He compares the books, along with some historic Kodiak Mirror articles, to form an idea of the true tale of "The Terror of Afognak."  

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