KIB Assembly to Negotiate with Michael Powers for Borough Manager Position

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly went into executive session at its regular meeting last night (March 18) to choose one of the two finalists for the borough manager position. The two applicants were Yakutat-based Jon Erickson and Michael Powers, from California. The assembly returned from its private meeting and made a motion to negotiate with Michael Powers.

Assemblyman Mel Stephens said he would vote against the choice.
“Given the nature of the things in Mr. Powers’ background, I consider it the height of irresponsibility to enter into negotiations with such a person without further checking out people who are readily available who know something about his very troubled recent past.”

Stephens did not specify which parts of Powers’ background he meant.                                

Assemblyman Dennis Symmons said he would also vote against the motion and that he needed more time to investigate the candidates. The motion carried 4 to 3 with Stephens, Symmons, and Assemblywoman Rebecca Skinner voting against. Skinner did not comment on her decision.

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