Brodie Represents Kodiak at GOP State Convention

Jay Barrett/KMXT

The Alaska Republican Convention is underway in Fairbanks, and Kodiak’s most prominent member of the Grand Old Party is in attendance. Bob Brodie said he was the only delegate from Kodiak to express interest in attending, but did say a District 32 delegate from Cordova is also attending.

“So at the state convention, there’ll be a couple things happen. There will be choosing delegates to go to the national convention,” he said. “Alaska has 25 delegates and 25 alternates and 25 alternates scheduled to go, and they will be chosen at this convention.”

As a state delegate, Brodie says he’s not sure about being a national delegate to the convention in Cleveland this summer.

“Certainly would be an experience, an exciting time. Who knows what’s going to come out of this convention. If Donald Trump secures his 1,300-plus delegates, it should pretty well be decided,” he said. “But if he doesn’t, … who knows what’s going to happen there? It’s going to be pretty exciting.”

After national delegates are decided, Brodie said there’s a good deal of statewide party business to attend to as well.

“There’s three or four people contending for the chairmanship and the associated offices, and then there’s people elected to the national Republican Committee, that is sort of the board of directors of the party between conventions. We’re being wooed by various factions for their votes, so we’ll see what happens,” Brodie said. “It’s quite an interesting process. There might be better processes around, but this is the one we’ve got, so. I don’t have an agenda. I’m going to kind of watch and see how it plays out and maybe add my two bits here or there.”

The State GOP convention continues the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks through Saturday.

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