DOT Requests Public Comment on Erosion Repair Proposal for Chiniak Highway

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The Department of Transportation is looking for public comment on a project that fits into its regular road maintenance.

Communications Officer for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Jeremy Woodrow, says staff tries to keep on top of problem areas before they get too severe.

“This project is to address several different erosion sites along the Chiniak highway, about a 20 mile stretch from milepost 19 to milepost 43. There are several areas where erosion is becoming an issue and so this project is proposing to address those issues, and so, what the project team is presenting at this public house is what our plans are to address these erosion issues.”

Woodrow says a number of different elements can cause erosion, from water to how the highway was originally built. He says they’re working on designing how they want to go forward with construction.

“So, what some of the proposals are is to shift the roadway away from some of the embankments that are falling or sloughing away. Also, some of it is to improve some drainage, replace culverts, all the different things that can add to improving the roadway that can mitigate further erosion.”

Woodrow says the meeting about the project proposal will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Chiniak School.

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