Weekend Course Geared for Budding Fishery Managers

Jay Barrett/KMXT
This weekend, a Sitka fisheries technology professor is bringing his class across the Gulf of Alaska to Kodiak. Joel Marcus, an assistant professor of fisheries with the University of Alaska Southeast will be holding a fisheries management lab in the classroom and in the field.

He says the course is suited for people with a wide variety of goals and interests.

“It’s geared toward people who might be interested in fisheries management or interested in potentially enrolling in some sort of program to get involved in fisheries,” Marcus said. “But also, you know we’ve got students all over the state that are taking sort of the lecture portion of this class that is going to focus on a little bit more detail on some of the academic side of things, and this will focus on the hands-on stuff. We’ll be putting waders on and wading around in the stream and hopefully not getting too, too wet, but that’s part of it too, right?”

Marcus said the weekend lab will look at several methods of fisheries management used around Alaska:

“What the course focuses on, is we teach a regular classroom portion of this that we distance deliver all over the state that talks about different things that fishery managers use as tools to try and understand the fisheries better,” he said. “So everything from how do we figure out about the habitat that the fish live, to actually some of the techniques that we use to capture the fish, and once we have the fish captured, how can we handle them safely and collect some scientific information from them? All with the idea that this will inform us to better be able to manage the fisheries in the state.”

Day one of the course will be in a classroom, but the weekend will be in the field.

“We’re going to spend two days focusing on freshwater habitat and then we’ll spend a day in the marine habitat,” Marcus said. “And the idea is that we’ll be catching fish in both the fresh water and marine habitat and talking about salmon and salmonid species with the thought you can apply a lot of the technique and skills to marine species like herring and halibut and rock fish, ling cod, all sorts of stuff.”

The Fisheries Technology Program from the University of Alaska Southeast is geared toward workforce development that offers occupational endorsements, certificates, and associate degrees.

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