Sketching Course to Encourage the Shy and Artistic

Colored pencils, some tools of the trade when it comes to sketching. Richard Stelh/Flickr
Colored pencils, some tools of the trade when it comes to sketching.
Richard Steih/Flickr

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Sometimes, all it takes to capture a scene are a few lines and a splash of color. A series of free art classes at the Kodiak Public Library will teach students how to document the world through sketching.

Kodiak resident Bob Ross will lead a two-hour class every Thursday for the next ten weeks where he’ll cover drawing basics and techniques and address sketching as an art form.

“It’s kind of a quick and dirty for drawing and capturing the idea of an event. You’re given just a few minutes for each event. Everything changes. It’s kind of a fluid action, and so what you get is what you get.”

It’s less about perfection, more about mood and movement.

“You can often capture and pick up on the energy that’s in the room or the performance that you’re at, and sketch art just allows it to happen.”

Ross says, after the series, he hopes students will end up at local events, sketching the figures and sights around them.

He explains the course is for everyone and will be an especially good fit for people who are reserved about sharing their art or creating art in the first place.

In fact, the series is called Drawing for Shy People.

“There’s going to be much homework, there’s going to be much class assignment, but because this is drawing for shy people, no homework needs to be shown, no assignments need to be shown. We’re going to try to remove the stress out of a shy person’s reluctance to show their work.”

He says he’ll encourage participants to feel comfortable sharing and help them realize that others are interested in their work, even when results vary from sketch to sketch.

The first class will be Thursday at 6 p.m., and the course continues until July. Although it’s free, the library asks that you register beforehand.

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