Frozen Yogurt Shop to Open in Kodiak

Frozen yogurt. Global Panorama / Flickr
Frozen yogurt. Global Panorama / Flickr

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

A self-serve froyo shop will open downtown this month.

That’s frozen yogurt – it’s the healthier, lighter alternative to ice cream, and it comes in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and a tart plain. But it also comes in fruity variations, like banana, or dessert-themed ones, like cheese cake.

That’s the favorite of entrepreneur Clara Glynn who says she’ll have all kinds of flavors and toppings available, including a possible Kodiak addition.

“I want to do a seasonal flavor, and Kodiak is known for their salmonberries. But I have not found any distributor, a frozen yogurt distributor, that does that, but I think I’m gonna look around and see if there are any local shops that will possibly make that for me. And if not, we’ll just have salmonberries as one of the toppings.”

Glynn says she has a background in the air force and currently works for KANA in finance. That may help her in her upcoming business venture.

She says the idea for a froyo shop started when an air force colleague pointed out Kodiak’s shortage of dessert shops.

Glynn says she then did her research.

“I’ve had a couple of friends do polls for me, like what would you think about opening up a frozen yogurt in Kodiak and what their favorite flavors are. Also, I didn’t realize how huge this was gonna be until we did the Facebook page.”

Glynn says the response has been largely positive.

The shop, Island Freeze, will be located near Subway downtown, and Glynn says they’re still waiting for equipment to come in. She said the shop should be open before the end of June.

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