Salmon Slows Over Mild Weekend

The Kodiak Management Area salmon catch is up over 80,000 fish with slow Sunday harvest of just over 4,000 fish added to the season all-species total.

Chum, or dog salmon, saw 2,112 delivered, boosting season numbers to 11,018. There were 1,948 reds harvested, bringing the harvest through the 12th to 68, 261 sockeye.

The season catch of pinks went up to 592 after a delivery of 57 humpies, and the king count went to 363 with the addition of six more chinook. The silver count stayed at 14, with no coho deliveries reported.

Most of the sockeye has been taken in the Karluk, NW Kodiak and SW Afognak districts of the Kodiak Management Area, with 30,562 reds harvested. Also, 2,821 chum have come from there as well. Another 26,724 sockeye have come from Cape Igvak and Wide Bay, which also reports a catch of 3,460 chum salmon.

As for escapement, most weirs have seen a slight slowing of returns for sockeye compared to last week. All but Litnik, Paul’s Bay and the Buskin River are now behind last year’s run return timing through June 12.

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