At City Council Meeting, Jail Contract and Thelma C Placement

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Tonight’s Kodiak City Council regular meeting encompasses the cornerstone institutions of the Kodiak community, from its museums to its jail. On the agenda is a change of location for the Kodiak Maritime Museum’s historic fishing vessel, the Thelma C.

At the city work session Tuesday, City Manager Aimée Kniaziowski explained representatives from the Maritime Museum formerly requested a spot on the spit downtown.

“If you’ll remember, the original site was right there by the water’s edge and was going to require quite a bit of engineering to secure the outer edge. They asked us to reconsider another location that would be less expensive for installation, would be smaller footprint too.”

According to the meeting packet, the museum has identified a city-owned site across the spit that requires less “earthwork and concrete work” and which would be more affordable. That’ll come before the city council at its regular meeting tonight.

The city jail is also struggling with financial issues.

According to the meeting packet, the city is in its fourth year of a contract with the Department of Corrections for the Regional and Community Jail Program. The DOC received roughly 33 percent less funding to support the program in FY2016, and the the contract amount for fiscal year 2017 is the same as for fiscal year 2016.

Mayor Pat Branson said the city has a shortfall of roughly $467,000.

“I would like our legislators to be aware of this. They need to be aware that we’re covering this state jail with our funds. So, when we meet with them before they go off to their next special session or before whoever is our representative and our senator, before they go off to Juneau, I think we need to emphasize that.”

The museum, jail, and nonprofit funding will all be on the agenda for tonight’s meeting, and you can find the full agenda on the city website. Tune into KMXT at 7:30 p.m. to listen in on the meeting or drop by the assembly chambers to attend it in person.

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