Assembly Removes Internal Job Advertisement Period

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly just got rid of the time period of five days it usually takes to advertise jobs to current borough employees. The ordinance was under public hearing at the regular meeting Thursday and Assemblyman Dan Rohrer expressed concern that the assembly’s position would impact the staff’s borough employee unionization discussion as it enters negotiations.

“My desire originally in supporting it was to make sure that our manager’s hands – that he didn’t feel tied to have to hire from within if he felt it was better to go outside the organization to fill a position. That being said, what I’m concerned about is if we pass this tonight, that it is tying your hands in the negotiation process.”

Borough Manager Michael Powers assured the assembly that the vote would not limit him when it comes to negotiations.

“This potentially could be a separate – have one set of personnel rules for union and a separate set for the non-represented employees, and I don’t think it causes undue heartburn if that ends up being the case, but as far as having marching orders or feeling like we have instructions, that has not occurred yet.”

He said it’s common for the manager and negotiating team to meet with elected officials multiple times to go over the terms of each party.

Assemblyman Larry LeDoux said he sees the five-day advertisement period within the borough as a non-issue.

“Whenever you promulgate an ordinance, I believe there has to be a problem that you’re addressing. Every law or ordinance that you pass takes energy and time, and I really don’t understand the problem. I’m not aware of any instances where there is a problem with regard to hiring. We’re really talking about five days here.”

LeDoux said he believes in hiring from within when the chosen applicant is the best candidate.

“I think it motivates staff to receive further training and to work hard and to serve the public so that they can move on to the next step, and many people have made those movements and they’ve served the public. I think any manager is only as good therefore as the staff that they hire and they are always going to look for the best possible staff member.”

He said it’s worth five days looking at the borough’s own staff, and the good judgment of the borough manager will determine whether they choose the best candidate, whether found internally or from the larger community.

The ordinance to remove the five day advertisement period within the borough passed 4 – 2 with LeDoux and Rohrer against.

The next assembly work session is scheduled for Thursday and the next regular meeting is set for August 18.

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