Discover Kodiak Gets Accreditation

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Destination Marketing Accreditation Program just gave the nonprofit tourism organization Discover Kodiak its endorsement.

Chastity McCarthy, executive director of Discover Kodiak, says Destination Marketing Association International hosts the program.

“It’s an accreditation that any destination marketing organization around the globe can apply for and basically it’s a yearlong or more process that kind of gives you this stamp of excellence like we’re qualified, we’re ready for your business. And that’s goes all around to stakeholders in the community, that goes all around to different tour operators who might be interested in partnering with Discover Kodiak or coming to Kodiak Island and also just visitors who are planning their trip.”

It’s an official mark of quality, and the accreditation can also help Discover Kodiak secure funding in the future.

“In the constant battle for funding, I think that this really shows that Discover Kodiak has the stamp of approval from an internationally accredited organization and we’re qualified to do the business that we say we’re going to do. And so I think that it could help leverage those funds in a certain way.”

McCarthy says Discover Kodiak is the second organization in Alaska to receive the accreditation after Explore Fairbanks.

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